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LCDI 5-15p
UL 1699
Products Model 0651510LY、0651513LY、0651515LY
Technical Parameter Rated Voltage 120Vac
Rated Current 10A、13A、15A
Leakage Current less than 5mA
Wire Gauge 18AWG、16AWG、14AWG
Wire Specification 21301、21036、JLL301、JLL036
Power 1200W、1560W、1800W
Description Safety Performance These LCDIs are intended to be disconnected if the nominal leakage between the hot line and neutral line exceeds a predetermined value, to avoid fire hazard and other safety accidents due to the wire aging or worn.
Application Widely used in the various types of electric equipment(eg.Mingardi, Portable type air conditioner etc.)
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